Male Teacher had Sex With a 16-Year-Old Student & Gave Him HIV Photo


A teacher in Louisiana has been arrested and jailed after reports that he had sex with a teenage student and intentionally gave him HIV.

37-year-old Derrick Nesby is believed to have knowingly exposed the young boy to the deadly virus.

The affair between the teacher and the student was uncovered and it was revealed that Nesby had only spent about a year at the Bourgeois High School.

Cops busted the man, who is still listed on the school’s website as its track coach for the boys’ freshmen team, Wednesday on the school’s campus. He’d previously been questioned and released May 9 about the alleged sexual misconduct.

“We can establish the fact that there was an encounter that happened,” Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Chief of Detectives Malcolm Wolfe told us. “We continued our investigation where we established more evidence that something did happen, and at that point we got a warrant for his arrest,” he added.

Originally charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile, investigators later learned Nesby has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Authorities added an intentional exposure to HIV charge and doubled Nesby’s bond to $1 million.

Each charge, a felony, carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Nesby has since been fired from H.L Bourgeois High School.


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