Tonto Dikeh Brags With her $16,000(N2.6m) Bvlgari earings (Photo)



Tonto Dikeh this evening flaunted Bvlgari earrings that cost $16,200. She was so confident of it that she asked her followers not to argue with her but go to the website to find out the price. I suspect someone gave her as a birthday gift or is planning to give her and if she bought it where did she get the money? And these boys that give gifts, hmmm dearis God oo. Excuse me, do you know we have young girls who are addicted to the internet now? Please let’s be careful of what we post so we don’t push these girls to bad things, by making them desperate with what we post.

I am not saying Tonto can’t afford it, ofcus she can, but with her lifestyle and buying a N2.6m earring left and right, then we need to ask where she gets her own money from. Anyway, it’s her personal business. And if it is a gift, let’s still be careful of what we post online because of the younger generation. Before you say Ladun stop being jealous. God knows I can afford it with what HE has given me, so please say something else oh. Just spoke on behalf of the younger ones. Nohardfeelings


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