REVEALED: Mother Who Spends N553,217 On Fake Babies

A 40-year-old mother, Wendy Archer, has reportedly spent £2,000, about N553,218, on fake children because of her obsession for baby after she was sterilised.

Metro reports that anytime the Middlesbrough mum-of-four wakes up in the morning she gets her real kids ready for school, before waking up her plastic babies and changing their nappies.

It was gathered that Wendy spends hours every day dressing, bathing and shopping for her four fake children and recently splashed out on a brand new crib, car seat and moses baskets.

“I just love babies – to me they aren’t dolls, they are my babies.

“They are beautiful and I truly love them. I couldn’t be without them now and they even smell like real babies,” said the single mum.


* Wendy Archer and one of her fake babies

According to the report, after Wendy gave birth to her four children, Kirsty, Nathan, 22, Keenan, 15 and Kia, 13, she decided to be sterilised.

But it was a decision she regretted and said she felt ‘a great sense of loss’.

So she bought four dolls from Shelley’s Reborn Dolls – Johnson, Elisha, Shyan and Thomas.

Commenting on her decision to get the fake babies, Wendy said: “I know some people might think I’m mad but so many of my friends have been amazed by how happy the dolls can make people.

* Wendy and her fake babies

* Wendy and her fake babies

‘When you cuddle them, they feel like a baby, because their heads lull and they even smell like a real baby, because of the fabric softener their clothes are washed in. It is truly amazing.”

We can only hope the babies give Wendy the happiness she craves. Or what do you think about this?

Sources: news, Metro


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