Fresh Attack In Southern Kaduna, 20 Feared Killed

Fresh report says another bloody raid has been launched by gunmen in southern Kaduna, with at least 20 people killed.

Hours after news about the attack on Sanga LGA of the state rocked the country, another tragedy occurred in Kobin village of the same area.

Sahara Reporters refers to its military source:

“Our information is that the attackers came around 1:20 p.m. in the afternoon and started killing left and right.”

The officer added that the attackers retreated when the military showed up in the beleaguered town. But he continued that the violence had escalated to the nearest Gwantu town.

“Some people were killed in Gwantu, and their corpses are being taken into the mortuary.”

The source added that several gunmen spotted with weapon similar to the one recovered from suspects arrested in connection with today’s previous raid, were detained by soldiers.

It would be recalled that the earlier attack has claimed no fewer than 38 lives, and one suspect was taken into police custody.

Sources: news, Sahara Reporters


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