(Must Read) Advice For Wizkid From His Fan


There is a popular saying that be nice to those you meet when going up because when you are going down, u are going to meet them. What is really happening to Wizkid and his new attitude? What is really going on with his career as things are not as it used to be? He rain curses on his fans now, refer to those who buy his songs and pay to see him perfom as “broke” and engage in periodic tweet fights on twitter and instagram.
Back then you dare not abuse Wizzy or you will get popular immediately because he had a squad of die hard fan base who were loyal to him but now things have changed. These are the same fans who used to always support Star boy, now they have suddenly switched lanes and are supporting his main rival – Davido.

It is not about hanging out with Chris Brown, Akon and co, if you do not have the respect from your fans who made you then you are a nobody. Wizkid has suddenly turned to a god but can we really blame him? Since he dropped holla at your boy, he has been pretty consistent even with just 1 album to his name and has been doing well till date but his fans are no longer interested in what he has to offer anymore.

Anytime Wizkid is now trending on twitter, it is not a new song or video but its because he is fighting with fans because he feels he is the god of music and he has gotten so comfortable that his attitude makes him look weak. Bombay, Show you the money and Jeje the newest songs he is promoting are good songs but years back they would have been national anthems but his fans are not showing too much zeal.
Some bloggers did not even broadcast the link or show him love like before, he acts like he does not need anyone and that is a bad move.

Dear wizkid, do you think you are bigger than Tuface or the African market? All the time Tuface was getting girls pregnant and his fans were cursing him, he did not reply them with a word. Don’t u have a good management anymore? don’t you have good advisers ? Visit Kim kardashians page on instagram and see the curses she gets on every picture and you will appreciate Jehovah Jireh. You should learn to Ignore bad comments and start adding more energy to your work. As a professional Dj and a part time blogger, i have been in entertainment before you and from experience i want to know that there are over 10,000 upcoming musicians who are better than you and want to be in your spot, if u loose your fans to another artiste, you will spend another 5 years trying to do a come back like Tony tetuila, Azadus, Faze and that the rest of them.
Do not forget that human beings are natural prostitutes, we go for only what is in vogue. If u dare allow your fans leave you, there will be nothing Chris brown and Wale can do for you because you cannot even survive in the American market. Ask your uncle D’banj who has an experience with Good muzik. Focus on making better music and apologize to your fans, is that too much for you to do?


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